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martedì 8 novembre 2011

EGGCHAN - exclusive guest mix for essivivono - 4 Nov 2011

Da Perth, Australia arriva Eggchan con il suo ultimo mix, in exclusive per Essi Vivono. Essi Vivono è condotto da Cixxx J e Ellesòlo, e va ogni venerdì notte dall'una per un'ora di BASS, su RCDC Radio Città del Capo Metropolitana, in FM a Bologna o su! Restate aggiornati sul blog per tutte le ultime notizie, le novità, più vibes, più BASSI!

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Eggchan is an eclectic and versatile badman producer and we're honoured to showcase his latest mix, exclusively done for ESSI VIVONO Radio Show. Essi Vivono, hosted collectively by Cixxx J & ElleSòlo, airs on RCDC Città del Capo Radio Metropolitana in FM (Bologna, Italy area) and online on . Stay tuned on for more exclusive features, more vibes, more music, more BASS!

Qualche info in inglese sul nostro ospite

A likkle bit about the Eggchan...
Recently Eggchan joined the mighty Gamma Audio label team, it's gonna be A LOT! From the Housefly label website feature we read:

"[...] Until recently his main musical project was a country/punk band called The Hectics which he played electric guitar & Banjo. he is still involved with a recording project called the Gunja Brothers, which is a reggae/hip hop/joke band with his mates, releasing an album on permanent damage records late 2010.
In 2007 he started to immerse himself in d'n'b production techniques, without ever writing any songs. but he heard the rumblings about 
Dubstep and thought it sounded like something He'd be into, but avoided listening to anything until 2009 when he heard a Benga tune... [...]"
This and more on

Also check Bass Pon Mi Radio/Blog feature about his collab with Killeralien

Here we go with the tracklist!

Eggchan 4 Essi Vivono

TZR - Temple of the Ancients (Gamma)
Emalkay - Living Dead (Dub)
LFR - Elemental (Monkey Dub)
Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire (Zed's Dead remix)
Killeralien - Guidance (Gamma)
Kyza - Go (Bar9 remix)
Jonah K - Forgotten Tunnels (Permanent Damage)
Joker & Ginz - Purple City (Kapsize)
12th Canvas - Neve 65 (Monkey Dub)
Killeralien & Eggchan - Villoresque (Gamma)
Distance - Cella (Planet Mu)
Eggchan & Killeralien - Catatonic (Phucked)
Eskmo - Agnus Dei (Ancestor)
Kial & Zyfo - Release (Gamma)
Shadow Conspiracy & Boot - Special Circumstances (Gamma)
Phonetic System & Dubtek - Pressure Point (Gamma)
DJ Madd - Good Old Days (Chemical)
Distance - Delight (Planet Mu)
The Bug (feat Flowdan) - Ganja (Ninja Tune)
Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun (Shadows of the Empire)
Phonetic System & Eggchan - Soapbox (Gamma)
Digital Mystikz - Jah Fire (DMZ)
Wobbelix & Subsapien - Numb Dub (Eggchan remix) (Monkey Dub)
Eggchan - Indi Bar (Phucked)

Eggchan's Soundcloud
Gamma Audio's Soundcloud
Follow the Eggchan pon the facebook

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